kampala, uganda

My rematch with Jomo Kenyatta Airport went surprisingly well yesterday.  Everything was on time, my bags were checked all the way through so I didn’t have to cart them around with me during the layover like I did on Sunday, Joel and Amy found me with no problem, even the airport itself looked and felt like a clearer, brighter, happier, less hostile place.

With the exception of one duty-free shop employee, the newest addition to my short list of enemies.  I was trying to buy an alarm clock (of all the dumb things to forget!) and he was being SUPER rude and acting like I was a total pain in the ass because I wanted to know how much something cost (nothing was marked).  So when some white dude came in wanting to buy a phone (for WAY more than would pay in the market), I gave him a heads up–and swiftly got a mega-dose of sarcasm to go with getting tossed out.

We got into Kampala around midnight last night.  The bar across the street from the hotel was bumpin (we could’ve gone “transnighting,” Ugandan English slang for going out all night) but we settled for HOT SHOWERS, bottles of water from the hotel bar and some E! network time.  I don’t even remember what we watched–weird celebrity countdown-type stuff.  Glorious.  (I have all these ridiculous synonyms for “good” and “bad” floating around in my head because that was the lesson I sat in on at the English class my last night in Tanzania…which I will have to write more about because it was AWESOME.)

Continental breakfast this morning–mistook papaya (which we decided tastes like “dirty spit” and “biting into wet toilet paper”) for mango, which was a bummer.  Today: money changing, SIM card buying, and other sundry errands.


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