So tonight at 10:10 pm I depart from the motherland via JFK airport. I actually got to New York yesterday so I could have sweet hangout time with Anna, Kevin (my TZ buddy) and Lisa; I’m actually at Lisa’s sweet apartment in the East Villageish right now. I visited Anna’s world at Tisch Dance where we did some faux-yoga and I stored my luggage in the dressing room, then did a little cheap-o shopping in Soho before meeting up with Kevin, Christine (another buddy from TZ) and Lisa for drinks (at Fish Bar: nice and dark with merpeople on bathroom doors) and dinner (at Mary Ann’s, a hopping Mexican restaurant with totally reasonable prices).

Then Lisa and I walked to her apartment, where she’s renting a room for a nice British lady, and I spent my last night in America watching “House” and a documentary about child molestation by priests in the Toledo diocese because in addition to my talents at being robbed in Tanzania, I excel at mishandling the sadness grenade that is digital cable.

Maybe it’s just because I am internally overwhelmed with plenty of pre-voyage anxiety, excitement, mental list-making–but I am much less externally overwhelmed by New York than I have been in the past. I wonder if that will be true when I get to Dar.

Less musing, more itinerary-ating:

June 1: Depart JFK

June 2: Sweet all-day layover in Amsterdam

June 3: Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya, at sunrise. Catch plane to ZANZIBAR at noon.

June 4: Arrive by ferry in Dar Es Salaam; purchase phone and call friendis.

June 7: Fly from Dar back to Nairobi. Meet up with Amy and Joel (2 UF grad students who will be at the research station) to fly to Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

June 8: Kampala, Uganda.

location of KNP


August 9: Fly from Kampala to Amsterdam.

August 13: Fly from Amsterdam to New York….that’s right, 4 days in Amsterdam. By myself. I don’t know what I was thinking really because I am not good protracted alone-time, except that it was only $100 to stopover and I’ve always wanted to see this city and I’m always deciding that it would be “good for me” to have more alone-time.

Yep, that’s the plan! And during the 2 months in southwestern Uganda, Amy and I are planning to go on at least a few camping trips (Queen Elizabeth!), which I am SO looking forward to. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to indulge in my #1 hobby of eavesdropping/people-watching, but there will be all kinds of monkeys, which are far more interesting than squirrels, and monkey-studying scientists, whom I hear are pretty weird, to observe.

So if anyone has suggestions for things to do in Amsterdam or wants to give me their address to send them a postcard or wants to give me some love, you should leave me comments here or email me at mullan.kate@gmail.com!



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2 responses to “Embark!

  1. Kate…I reccomend staying at The Crown , if it is still around. It is in the red light and reasonable, safe and clean cheap hostelish/hotelish place to stay.

    YOU must go to the Anne Frank house. It was scary and sad and amazing.

    I highly reccomend the Van Gogh Museum ( get the headphones so you can get a guided tour)

    Although the canal boat ride is touristy…it is totally neat. We thought so. THe canals are lovely and you get close up looks at the house boats.

    Say hello to the weird ducks that are all black with white bills.

    There are some other things I might reccomend but I don’t know if you mom reads this or not and I don’t want her to think badly of me.

    I highly reccomend their China Town area for some amazing chinese food. Look for the place full of business and local people. I can’t remember what it is called. ALSO, there is an amazing place for pancakes right near the Anne Frank house…Pannekbaeke? Or something like that. Yum. THe strange brown syrupy stuff in the bowls on the table are YUM.

    There is a great flea market, I forget where, but that is cool. Den Haag is very pretty but don’t go on a Sunday, because EVERYTHING is closed.

    Becareful of men following you in the red light areas. Most people are very sweet and respectful, even the junkies but we found most Ex-pats to be pretty skeezy. Beware.

    Save some of the money because it is the prettiest we have ever seen anywhere.

    Have fun and we hope to see you when you get back.

  2. Dakota

    “I spent my last night in America watching “House” and a documentary about child molestation by priests in the Toledo diocese because in addition to my talents at being robbed in Tanzania, I excel at mishandling the sadness grenade that is digital cable.”

    I love you so fucking much. I hopw you’re having yourself an excellent adventure.

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